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Cinnamic aldehyde CAS : 104-55-2

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Cinnamic aldehyde CAS : 104-55-2



Brief Description

molecular formula: C6H5CH=CHCHO 
CAS NO.: 104-55-2 
specification: It is not lower than 98% including the aldehyde quantity

Product Attributes

Related attributes of Cinnamic aldehyde/CAS NO.: 104-55-2:
  • Place of Origin:China (Mainland)

  • CAS No.:104-55-

Detailed Description

Detailed introduction to Cinnamic aldehyde/CAS NO.: 104-55-2:

The cinnamic aldehyde is also one of important medicine raw materials. Commonly used in external use medicine, synthetic drugs. Because it has the promotion blood circulation, causes the skin to return warm, tightly the skin organization, the external use may cause the four limbs, the body in the massage to be happy, may have the full improvement to the moisture content detention's phenomenon, has the very strong steatolysis function. To skin's scar, the fibroma conditioning and the elimination all have the effect. Disperses the extravasated blood. Has the anti-zymoplasm effect, has, the analgesia, to allay a fever calmly, functions and so on anti-convulsion



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