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Cinnamic alcohol CAS : 104-54-1

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Cinnamic alcohol CAS : 104-54-1



Produce Cinnamic alcohol/cas:104-54-1


1.brief introduction

.Cinnamic alcohol 
.CAS :104 -54 -1 
.Assay: 98% min



Alcohol Content: 98.0 min

Solubility in Alcohol 25:

1g sample clearly soluble in 1ml of 70 ethyl alcohol

Congealing Point: Minimum 33

Aldehyde Content (as Cinnamic Aldehyde) : 1.0 max

Chlorine test (N.F.): Negative

Flash point: 135

3.Odor: Hyacinth and balsamic odor.

4.color and apperance : White to slightly yellowish crystal or colorless to yellowish liquid

color not exceeding Colorimetric Standard Solution No.10


4.Packing: 100kgs or 200kgs plastic drum

5.Usage:This is used as important components in flavor, deodorizer, perfume fixative and organic synthesis. As intermediates for organic synthesis, it can be used to prepare cinnamyl chloride.

(1) medicine: an important pharmaceutical raw materials usually used in the synthesis of cardiovasculardrugs, such as cinnarizine and so on. The virus-induced lung tumors can inhibit; clinical for leukemia, uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, esophageal cancer and other tumors.
(2) spices: the often shared with phenylacetaldehyde, for flavor modulation Yangshui narcissus, roses and other floral spice flavors and essential spices, can be used as fixative agent, modifier. Added to the soap,perfume and chemicals.

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